Confused about my direction. Is it time to move on? Help!

I'm in my early 20's. I have lived in my city almost my entire life and almost everything I know is, friends, job...etc. Lately, I've been wanting more out of life. My dad tells me that everyone my age, including him at one time, feels this way around this time. Maybe I think about it too much. As of late, my friends are changing. I have many friends, 3 or 4 I would call close. One has been doing some things really irratating, the other is acting like a snob 50 percent of the time, and one of is my best friend in the world, he is just flaky. Also, I have a decent job...but I don't see myself making a career there. So I feel I may be wasting my time there. The point I'm getting at is...I'm thinking of moving away and trying to make a fresh start. Leaving it all behind is scary, and expensive (I'm not rich). I use this site to vent, but any advice/wisdom/help would be appreciated. Thanks for reading.
By stonefree 15 years ago :: General
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