Am I wrong, what do you think you would have done?

I brought a game that ask revealing questions for adults. It was me and my boyfriend, my two best girlfriends, and two guys from work. One question was "what is your sexual fantasy?".

In the game you have to write your answers down and its read aloud to everyone. My boyfriend wrote the name of one of the other women in the room on the 50 yd line. He says that no one was embarassed and that the woman should take it as a compliment. So I said thats why he is now single to everyone. His statement not only shamed me but her(who immediately says she's uncomfortable) before the end of the night each person other than my now ex ask me if i'll be alright one even invites me to stay on her couch so i don't have to go home with him.

Also I'm 6 mos pregnant with his baby and he knew I was going thru an insecurity phase right now as is. Lastly he has commented to me before in private that he thinks that same woman was to loose with men.
By nettie 15 years ago :: Dating
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