Is my husband wrong or am I? Is this part of marriage or is he going too far?

So I'm pretty sure my husband is wrong. But I'm obviously on here to see what everyone has to think and If anyone can give me advice. Here's a little bit about myself. I'm a mother of 2 and married. I've only been married since sept. 2007. I'm independent and dont rely on anyone, not even my husband. I've always had 2 jobs to support myself and my first child and pay for some of the bills. My husband works too, but like i said, i try not to rely on anyone. I only have one child with my husband. My first was with my exhusband who abused me in every way so i left. My current husband loves me, I'm pretty sure, lol. He is NOT abusive, so dont worry.
Ok, so here's the thing...I'm reallllyyyyy irritated and annoyed. Me and my husband agreed that once I gave birth to our daughter, that I'm going to take ONE YEAR off from work and stay home with our daughter. He's been doing a realli good job working 2 jobs to support us. He's fulltime during the day and part time at night. So therefore, he's barely at home. I cook, clean, and basicly do everything as a "house wife". I dont complain of the CONSTANT cleaning and taking care of both kids. When my husband has a day off or is at home, I don't get mad if he doesnt do the laundry, cook, clean or watch the kids. But SOMETIMES I do get mad because he'll keep leaving his socks on the floor all over the house. I mean, he has his own dirty laundry basket and it's like he'll put it RIGHT NEXT to the basket but too lazy to put the socks or dirty laundry IN it. It doesnt make sense to me. I never use to get mad, but it's constant with him, even after me asking him a million times to just PLEASE put it in the basket. We have a 3 month old daughter and 5 yr old son, so i just dont want to live in a contaminated house. My husband does landscaping and works fast food overnight, so there's so much stinkyness and germs. So am I wrong for getting mad "over nothing" (like he always says to me), or is he wrong for not being a little careful?
Also, ever since I stopped working, he's treated me a little different. We fight more. Everytime we fight, is usually when I have to go somewhere. For instance, if I go to the store with my kids or the mall or anywhere without letting my husband know, he'll end up asking me millions on questions. Like: "what time did you go?", "who did you go with", "what did you buy", or "why didn't you waite for me to get a day off to go with you"...i mean, It gets annoying and irritating when I feel like I have to answer to a million questions everytime I go out. Isn't he suppose to be my husband and not my Parole Officer? I usually answer his question or questions nicely. But then he gets too far with the questions and then I get irritated, so I end up yelling at him and calling him stupid. I tell him that I shouldn't have to explain anything if I'm going to the store or mall or anywhere. I have enough respect to already tell my husband where I'm at, isnt that enough? After yelling at him, he gets upset that I yelled and he tells me that I'M THE ONE who is getting upset over nothing. That he didn't do anything wrong. He claims all he did was ask a SIMPLE QUESTION. yeah, whatever..."simple question" Uggghhhh...more like a million questions.So in this case, is he wrong or am I? I have more to vent about, but I'm gonna make this one short for now. Thank you for your advice and opinions.
By S2K_GRL87 15 years ago :: Marriage
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