Do you think I was wrong in the choice I made?

Ok so me and this guy have been really good friends he is like my best friend now. We havent spoken in years and just reunited about 3 months ago. We have slept with each other a few times on and off since we have been friends but he would never commit to me. So i ended up moving about 3hrs away from the city he lives in now. Well come to find out the time that we didnt talk and lost contact he got a girl friend and they were going to have a baby. I was really happy for him that he finaly got the family and happiness he has alwys wanted. Well things started going south for them and after the baby was born they broke up. As a friend yes I was there for him and as a parent too ( i have a 5 year old). We talked more and more and he decided that he needed sometime away so he wanted to come spend it with me and just hangout. Which was fine and so we did. Well things started heating up between us an old feelings on both our parts came back and we feel back for each other. Well before I moved I had gotten pregnate yes I told him because we were friends and i kno I could talk to him. I wasnt sure what i wanted to do. So among us hanging out and him diving to come see me almost every weekend for about a month now he asked me again what I was going to do about being pregnate because we hadnt talked about it since and I told him I got an abortion. Well it kinda sliped out with out me thinking cause we were cuddled next to each other and what not. Well I felt really bad that I had told him that and that I didnt tell him I didnt have the heart to get an abortion. And when I told him the tuth he blew up at me saying I lied to him and that he couldnt believe it but the reason was is because i fell back n love wit him and I know he had for me to and I thought that if i told him he would leave me again. Do you think what I did was wrong I dont think so because i was just scared but I did tell him after about a week.
By MissLady 15 years ago :: Parent/Child
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