Should I put myself on the line to try and get back together with this guy?

I dated this guy for 4 months and in the beginning I was a bad gf. I wasn't as into him and took him for granted. Then I went through some hard times and started to rely on him emotionally. Honestly though, I started realizing what a great guy he was. He's nice, caring, fun, but my only complaint was that he wasn't very affectionate. He's a shy guy who doesn't like PDA. I brought it up a lot and he got defensive that I'm trying to change his personality. We got into several talks about this, usually ending up with me being disappointed and him being upset that I was trying to change him. I was simply trying to make him understand how to be a better bf, because otherwise I had too much doubt about how much he liked me. Then he finds out he might have to move to a new location, and I start thinking maybe we should break up because of that. I brought it up in a bit of an emotional talk today, not actually wanting to break up, but he started saying that maybe "we should just be friends". He said he thinks we're just incompatible because "I deserve someone who will give me what I want" and "his personality is just who he is" and "maybe this just shows we're not that great together." I was in semi-shock and couldn't take just that for an answer. So he said he feels like our sense of humors don't match up and a few times I've "shut him down" for jokes he makes. But I haven't even realized ever doing that! He says he thinks it's better we're just friends, but I don't know if this is him being super logical (and non-emotional) or because he feels inadequate to me (he's not giving me what I wanted in the relationship). So now we're broken up, and I'm super hurt, but I don't know if it's just the attachment or because I really like this guy. But I do think he's a great guy and wonder if I"ll find anyone better (doubt it). Should I put myself on the line (ie call him, write a letter, ask to see him, beg him) to try and get back together?
By quinoa 15 years ago :: Bitter Ex
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