What does this mean? And should I be upset?

So my husband and I just recently celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary (5.9.09) and I tried my hardest to get him the most perfect gift and plan a terrific evening together. First I made reservations for this very romantic and expensive resturant in the city on the water. And then I bought him tickets to see dane cook live (one of his favorite comedians). Well I also had his best friend and his fiance who is my best friend meet us there to surprise my husband. The first year gift in a marriage is paper so I used the tickets as his gift. Cute right? Well we went to dinner. It was just like any other ordinary dinner. Mostly when we talked it was him talking about work, or stuff he was interested in buying because money is starting to go good for us. Then we ate, walking to the car he walked like 5 feet in front of me. Nothing special on our day. No holding hands, no kissing, no expressing our love, he didn't even open the car door for me. And on top of that we go to the show and he must've checked out every young girl that was all hoochied out. So then after that we went to a local bar with our friends to finish the night off. Well I got a terrible migraine (I have allergies and we were outside). So then we went home. He didn't do anything for our anniversary. I didn't even get a card. No flowers, nothing. I am not trying to sound like a bitch but isn't one year special. Aren't you suppose to do something. I mean dinner was just a normal dinner too. Am I being stupid? should I be upset? Is there something going on with my husband? Any advice? I want to speak to him about this because I am upset about it but I don't want to start a fight or come off like a bitch. Please help.
By MrsM 15 years ago :: Marriage
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