Pretending to be me and not telling all the facts.

My boyfriend recently came on this site & pretended to be me. He posted a question on here & I didn't know about it until i saw it for myself. Is it wrong for me to be upset that instead of being a man n asking the question for himself that he pretends to be me & do it?

Another thing that bothers me about it, was that he didn't even state all the details to the scenario. Everyone is saying ya he has the right to b mad, but they don't know the whole story. Everyone thinks he was a b/f but he was a friend n what happened was we had a sexual encounter due to an ex b/f of mine whom wanted to spice up a sexual relationship i guess u could put it. I left my man because of it n stayed friends w the guy whom we involved. Well i met my current b/f n moved in w him, & when i started to talk to this friend, i told him i was involved w someone. He commented that he would have liked to take me out. I deleted him off a site, afraid my b/f would trip knowing he said that. A couple of mo later i looked him up n saw a pict. of him n his daughter n added him back n asked how they were doing. We started talking again n it was fine he never said anything about it again he was respectful i was still w my b/f. Now my b/f is trippin out that we are talking, he says he was disrespectful n don't want me talking to him. Im not even talking to him on the phone just on myspace. The last time i even commented b4 tonight was because his gma died n i sent my condolances to his fam. n him. I was just asking if he was ok n have a safe trip. Am i wrong or is he????
By tessasming 15 years ago :: Dating
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