cant go back to the way things were...

So a few months back I had a fling with a friend. I knew that it probably wouldnt amount to anything and I did it anyways, not thinking of repercussions. A bit through the fling I asked the guy out for a real date instead of just sex and he avoided me for like a week. I took initiative, called and told him to forget about it but we decided to still be friends. Here we are almost 5 months later and we've only talked a few times, mostly about classes, and I've only seen him when we had an exam and when he needed a favor. I have recently tried contacting him just to chat and be friendly. Now I am completely over this guy, all I want from him is to be friends, but I am still hurt that he seems to want nothing to do with me, especially since we were fairly good friends before this. If I have gotten over what we've done can't he? Now I don't think I said this before but when I slept with him I was a virgin, doesnt really make much difference but it just says I trusted him that no matter wat happened, and I feel somewhat hurt that he doesnt want anything to do with me anymore. I've since left the communication up to him, however no attempts have been you think I have a right to feel insulted and hurt that he'd throw our friendship away so easily? what do u think?
By uhmmm 15 years ago :: Friends
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