Should I consider this cheating.

So I was dating my girlfriend of now 7 months. 1 month into the boyfriend/girlfriend relationship she went out with "the girls" she called me at three am and left a voicemail saying that she was home and she had hung out with some old friends. Later on I ran into some pictures of her and her friends with some guys from that night. It turns out that one guys " she has since admitted to sleeping with twice" was with the group. She text messaged him to hang out with her. Her best friend admitted she had to remind my girl friend that she had me as a new boyfriend because her and this guy were getting to close. (They were both drunk) She never defined too close. At the end of the night the guy approached her to try to hook up. She declined and states she did nothing wrong because she did not sleep with him. I say she cheated because she admits that he was just someone she had a fling with. He is not a friend. and she lead him on. Should I hold this against her?
By Goober 15 years ago :: Dating
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