Should I tell him, even though he's going to get mad?

My boyfriend and I have been together for 3 years. We borrowed about $2000 from my uncle, and he gave us a real hard time when it came to paying him back. We even think he demanded a little more than he was owed. My boyfriend and I were involved in a scam, where we were ripped off $1000, and took the case to court. Because my uncle was a part of that situation (he loaned the money, we payed it back...even though it was stolen) so he went to court with us. when the magistrate told us we weren't going to recover money, my boyfriend stormed off, and i followed. my uncle stayed behind, with the defendant to the lawsuit, and recovered half of the money that was owed. my uncle never told us. 1 month later, he told me. and told me he applied it to the last of the money i owed him, and used the rest for a credit card that i use but is in his name. I want to tell my boyfriend about what happened, but he is going to be enraged with my uncle, and i don't want any trouble. my uncle pretty much asked my not to tell my boyfriend, and to keep it a secret. i don't feel right keeping this from him. should i tell him anyway and let him get mad, or just keep my mouth shut and keep the peace?
By LoveDove916 15 years ago :: Dating
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