do i tell him that he's in fact controlling and not really worth my time?

so I ASKED this guy, that i'm soon to be semi seeing, to a show. He likes to think that he has connections, due to is profession, so he said " let me see if i can get tickets ". I had EVERY intention of getting tickets, i was just confirming that he would be interested in going. So, as it turns out he didnt get tickets, and i didnt go to a show that i would have and could have gone to. Scenario #2 - I AGAIN INVITE said guy to a show, he agreed that he would be interested in going. I had already purchased tickets and paid convenience fees. Due to his profession, he has backstage tickets and now is INVITING me to go to the show, when i had clearly asked him first. So my question is two fold. 1) would i be wrong if i pointed out to this guy that he likes to control our meetings and its really annoying 2) his abilities to get tickets to shows doesnt make me like him more, its in fact really annoying and not impressive
By kswift 15 years ago :: Dating
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