i really need to know.... WHAT TO DO

there is a whole lot of backstory, but here's the short...
we're at a really fancy restaurant for my birthday ( i chose this restaurant because the man called me by another womans name so for that you shall pay ) we're seated having small talk.... THEN because of allergies or what have you, this man is rubbing is nose. as he does this I WATCH HIM PUT IS FINGER IN HIS NOSE, THEN PUT THAT SAME FINGER IN HIS MOUTH. he did this in such a sweeping motion, if you werent paying attention, then you might have caught it, however since he was the only activity in my line of vision..... yeah...

so i'm completely grossed out, but refuse to ruin my birthday. now that my birthday is over, HIS actions need to be discussed. Do i tell him that i witnessed about the grosses thing in my life and that ...he really needs to work on himself and his issues ( as they're others, but this is the main thing for now ) not to get back in my good graces, but just so he could show some self respect for him. OR do i not say anything and let the next woman tackle this mess.
By kswift 15 years ago :: Dating
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