How should i be reacting ? should i be feeling neglected?

My Boyfriend and I are into music. He loves heavy metal and i love hard rock. We both like going to concerts as well, but he likes to go to heavy metal concerts with his guy friends not me. He thinks the crowd is too wild for me and he has to take care of me there ! For me, any crowd is fine, i am very outgoing and have fun anywhere i go with him. This issue is getting to a point that he buys his concert tickets in front of me and never even offers if i'd like to join. ( not that i will say yes to all these concert events he is going to, he goes to many of them) But it makes me upset when he counts me out so easily in these events. I have brought it up with him many times and he says he'd like to do it with his guys friends. I know many of these band and it is not like i am not familiar with her music !
I think when two people are dating , they can get to know each ether's world and interests, i am eager to get to know his interests and his world, but he seems to uncomfortable with this. I know music is really his passion, but why should be so excluded from the fun ? Am i asking for too much?
By architects 15 years ago :: Dating
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