My boyfriend is trying to control me!!

I have been dating him for 7 months and we live together. He is frequently out of town for work and is literally fuming every time I miss his call. I could call him back five minutes later and he is still upset. I feel it is unrealistic to think that I could possibly answer my phone 100% of the time that he calls. If I'm in the shower, he expects me to get out and answer the phone, same if I'm washing my face, working out, etc. If for some reason he doesn't answer his phone, he always has a good excuse that I am supposed to accept without question. When I do call him back his first question is "What are you doing? Why am I always getting your voicemail? How many times do I have to tell you to turn your ringer on? You know it pisses me off when you don't answer your phone, blah blah blah." Then he says I'm the one with the attitude when I defend myself and tell him he's ridiculous. This is the topic of many arguments and conversations.
By Gemini_27 15 years ago :: Dating
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