to sit, or not to sit?

well this is a pretty minor question, but it bugs me daily.
i have an aqquaintance who i take the bus with almost every morning. we usually dont talk together much outside our group of mutual friends, but we converse easily when we do.
every morning i sit with her and say hello, but afterwards when we transfer at the station and procede to take the same bus, she does not sit with me. i felt as if i was imposing myself on her by sitting with her on our first bus ride, as she decided that she wanted to sit alone on the next, so i sat away from her the following week. this however was met with a curious and questioning glance, so the next day i sat next to her, but she still continued to ignore me on the next bus.
i am at a loss now to if i should sit alone, or continue sitting with her.
this is quite a minor, and perhaps confusing scenario, but i think it may also indicate just what grounds of friendship we stand on.
since im obviously overthinginking it, i would really appreciate some input.
By abcdefg 15 years ago :: Friends
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