Should I trust him again? Should I move on?

I was pregnant, the relationship wasn't good. For three whole weeks he refused to talk about the baby. One night I had enough and sent him away telling him that I would never ever see him again. The very next day he went online and find a woman and they agreed that they would meet for sex the following day. So they did. I was still pregnant. The end of the week a had an interruption and the next day I discovered about him having sex with that womam.

Days later we talked and decided to get back together. Now, two months later, I find it very difficult to trust him. He keeds saying that he only slept with the woman because I sent him away. I don't want to share any responsibility, I think that he did a horrible thing to me and only thought about himself, about his pleasure.

He is lovely to me like he was before the pregnancy but I am not sure whether he won't find another woman when we have problems again.

What do you think?
By Laurita 15 years ago :: Marriage
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