What did I do wrong here?

My husband and I have these two couple friends that we are close with and hang out with at least twice a week. We don't have any kids but the two couple friends do have kids. We used to own a condo so we could never have these couples over our house with their kids, as the kids can'at play in the backyard and we don't have any toys. We just bought a bigger place (with a backyard) and decided to have a housewarming party with the kids. The party was set for noon after confirming with the Moms that the time was suitable for their kids. I also ran the food menu by the Moms to make sure that their kids will eat. We have learned from our friends that kids (ages between 3-8) eat at a very specific times. So on the day of the party on Sunday, we made sure that the grill was ready to go at 11:45 am and we started cooking at noon so that by the time the kids get there, the food will be ready. Well, no one showed up at noon. We called one of the friends at 1:30 to see if they were coming and they said that they will be there at 2 and that the kids ate already (no apology. They mentioned that they left me an IM on Friday night that they will be late. I never got this IM. If I had, I would have not prepared for noon). The next set of friends show up at 1:30 and didn't apologize for coming late. They said that their kids ate already too. So I was pissed and couldn't just hide it. I finally came out and asked this (without yelling, but with emotion) 'Is there a reason why you are 2 hours late and why the kids ate already? Did you think that we wouldn't have food for the kids?' To this question, one of the friend's response is this 'Please don't yell in front of my kids' (I never saw the kids in the room when I orginally asked the question, they must have walked in later). And that's it. That was the end of the discussion. No one said anything to each other after this. My husband kept it all in and entertained the guests while I interacted with the other guests that came later. I haven't spoken to these friends since then (it happened this past Sunday). What did I do wrong here? Should I have not asked them that question? I wasn't yelling at all, I made sure of that when asking the question. I haven't talked to these friends for 2 days now
By Nance 15 years ago :: Friends
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