Do you think my gut feelings are right...or am I being overly jealous?

I know that I have some issues with being jealous, and I am taking steps to work on that. I have had three LT relationships, two of which I ended up getting cheated on, and the last one just became a dud and we drifted away. However, I know that I have become overly wary of things that are similar to my past relationship. Here's the quick 411 of my current beau, whom I'm falling for very hard and I think I may need some reassurance that I am not going to get crushed again..
- We have only been dating for 1 1/2 months, and he told me he loved me after only 8 days
- He was still talking to his ex via e-mail, xbox live, and IM and she would say things like she wanted him back - and he would continue talking to her even though he stated he no longer wanted her
-she was his first, and they knew each other for 6 years
- he stopped talking to her after i had a heart to heart with him, letting him know that his relationship with her was a bit much for me, and it felt like he still had unresolved feelings about her. I let him know I would still be here for him, but that maybe we should try being together after he gets over her..he basically said he had no idea it was damaging us that much and stopped talking to her after a few days
- we have been very close and had a lot of fun together, and he can be very sweet when he wants to be
- he can also be distractable and lazy which kind of gets on my nerves but it's not like a dealbreaker or anything
- he has a few chick friends that he admits to me he thinks are hot, but that they are not "love interests", that he would never cheat on me, and he loves me very much.
- I checked his e-mail because he gave me the password, and I saw a sent e-mail to his ex (before he told me he'd stop talking to her) that maybe he didn't mean for me to see. It simply said "I still wear the hat. I don't know why but I do..." Should that make me feel weird..??

So that is the short story - believe it or not. Can you understand why I am a bit confused? The messages have been a bit mixed and I have recurring feelings of jealousy but I ignore them more often than not because I don't want to ruin what could be an incredibly loving and fun relationship because I am insecure.
Please offer your advice, and try not to judge me - as I have said I am working on my own issues, and I know I must be 100% responsible for my 50% of the work in this relationship at all times. :)
By Bamvytar 15 years ago :: Dating
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