Is this normal?? And how do I bring this up?

I am engaged to a wonderful guy. We have been dating 4 yrs and are perfect together. We both trust each other and are very happy. I recently discovered that "J" who has been divorced 15 yrs,
still has his ex-wife's name on at least two credit cards and one safety deposit box acct.
Now, I know he is in love with me and is going to marry me. And his ex-wife is half nuts and she is remarried. BUT I just find this so odd
that he would not take 15 min and call these companies and get her name off the accts.
I discovered this when he thought he had lost his wallet while we were on vacation and overheard his conversation to one of the cc companies. I told him then that I thought it was extremely weird to still have her name on his accts. He said he would take her off but I don't think he has yet.
Now, I do have to mention he is a big procrastinator.
But, we have been back from vacation 3 mo and he still has not taken her name off AND I saw (it was laying out in plain sight)the two other accts with her name on it.
How should I bring this up.?
Is he psychology hanging on to his ex- wife???
They are friends have a teen and talk frequently...but again I am not jealous or worried about her.
By yesno 15 years ago :: Marriage
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