Do you feel that I have reason to feel insecure?

We have been in the relationship for 5+ years. We haven't been intimate for 95% of that time. We have lived together 95% of this time. She has a hard time talking about the future without having a fight preceding it. When she does talk about her feelings for me she says she considers me in the mix, she says she loves me (rarely but she says it.). Here is the thing...because of the fact that we are not intimate and she has difficulty expressing herself the way I need to hear it as well as the amount I need to hear it, I do not feel secure in the relationship...but I am in love with when she comes home raving about some other woman that she met and wants to hang out with and even though she wants me to meet them as well...I get nervous. My stomach does flips and I feel like she is just waiting for something better to come along before she leaves me and that its all under the guise of "making friends". I ask her not to hang out one on one with the person until I meet them and get a feel for who they are and what their intentions are and how she interacts with my gf. So, do you feel I have reason to feel insecure? or am I overreacting?
By kLkm535 15 years ago :: Dating
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