I can fight too- don't I deserve to get punched in the face?

At work I spend 8 hours a day typing numbers in to a spreadsheet. It can, obviously, get very boring. Some of the guys around the office have started an unofficial "fight club" that meets at the beginning of every day. They say it's to keep things interesting. I petitioned to join their group, but they say I cannot because I am a girl. To prove I could "hang"- I punched one of them in the face on the way into work the other morning. My boss saw and now he thinks I need anger management training. I told the guy who runs the club at work that I want in- or I will tell the boss everything. I know it's blackmail, but this job is slowly sucking the soul from me and the thrill is long gone from secret cutting in the ladies room. They wouldn't even have to take it easy on me- and if they started letting women in then maybe more would join- and I could just hit them if it would make the men feel better about the whole thing.
By Sash 15 years ago :: Workplace/Co-workers
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