Why is my level of trust based on one thing?

My boyfriend asked me to make a sex tape. I told him I would, but that I wanted to keep the tape. He in turn accused me of not trusting him and that because in my past I was blackmailed with a sex tape, that I am allowing that past experience infiltrate into our relationship. I told him although, yes, I was blackmailed, and that does have something to do with why I want the tape, I would have wanted it regardless of that experience. WHO WOULDN'T?? Needless to say, I realize it may not be the smartest thing to do, and we haven't made the tape, but i am left upset because he now thinks I don't trust him. Isn't it wrong for him to think I don't trust him based on me wanting to have the tape?? How can he base my level of trust on this??
By Alawha 12 years ago :: Dating
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