Am I being ridiculous? My fiance says that I am too controlling at times...

My fiance are always fighting over the stupidest things and this is the latest...his friend just bought him a bike (he couldn't buy his own because he is currently jobless) and he doesn't have a helmet...I told him not to ride it until he can afford a helmet. I'm in my own financial situation and can't buy one for him. He told me not to treat him like a kid and he can do whatever he wants...I told him that getting hurt will ultimately be more expensive than 30 bucks for a helmet! I told him just to wait another week or two for a helmet and he thinks I'm ridiculous. I know this is ridiculous, but I saw an accident in which the man was not wearing a helmet and it was not pretty! Should I just let him do whatever he wants?
By Enigma8123 15 years ago :: Dating
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