My boyfriend of 4yrs left me and hurt me to the point where i had no where to go

Me and my ex-boyfriend had been together for 4yrs.We live together because i have no where else to go I was sitting at home one night when he comes home and says he is ending it,3 days later he comes home with a girl and says " just want yall to be friends i want to spend time with her"so they sit on the couch in front of me and they are all over each other so i call my sister to come get me before i did something stupid,so i was outside waiting for her when they came outside and sat in her car.Later on he finds out shes a slut and now wants to know about everything im doing.I went somewhere the other night with some friends and he would not quit texting me till 4 in the morning.So i asked what he wants he said i dont know but i still love you!
By sexyblues89 15 years ago :: Bitter Ex
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