I love my boyfriend but he has a daughter

We have been dating 3 1/2 years. I met the 8 yr old daughter about half way through our rltnship b/c his divorce was not final and we thought it best not to involve her until everything was solid.

My problem is this. He buys her anything she wants for no reason ~ I think its teaching her to be entitled. Why can't she do a little chore in exchange for 2 American girl dolls with tons of clothes. Or can't he ask her to make her bed before he buys her some Ray Ban sunglasses for their winter ski trip?

I feel like a b--- but Im not, I just want her to be grateful and not spoiled. I can't talk to him about this without him saying something about my Jimmy Choos or our expensive vacation. But we are adults, not children and Im talking about teaching & guiding not comparing. Ugh. Shes very young, I dont know if I can handle a lifetime of this ~ we talk about a future and this is one of the only things holding me back...its annoying. Am I horrible?
By gulfcoast 15 years ago :: Parent/Child
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