Please, I need some insight on this situation..

Debbie and I had been best friends for over 30 yrs, closer than sisters. I am married with 2 children and work full time. Debbie is married without children and does not work. Last summer my 6 yr old son had a brain infection which required 4 brain surgeries. For 2 weeks he was put into an induced coma, was on a respirator, and hooked up to a feeding tube. Needless to say, this was a very difficult time for me. While I heard from Debbie by phone, she never visited my son or myself at the hospital.
During this time I received an email from Debbie describing all of the fun she and her husband were having going on day trips, making plans with their new neighbors, and how she had just started working out with a personal trainer. I replied and reminded her that my son was in the hospital and I was saddened that she had not come to see us. Her response was that she couldn't believe I was begrudging her of having any fun! She also included some other sarcastic comments. I could not believe her insensitivity, so in my reply, I let it all out by saying that she was being self absorbed and she had not been there during times when a best friend should have, including the birth of my 2 children, a miscarriage, and when I broke my leg. I didn't hear back from her again.
I sent flowers on her birthday... she sent a brief thank you. I invited her to my daughters birthday party and my family invited her to my 40Th birthday party. In a letter, she declined both. She also said she was so distraught by my last email that she couldn't reply. She ended by saying that she wished me well but our friendship would never be the same. She said that I should have apologized for the things that I said to her, and that she had nothing to apologize for.
I replied with an apology asking for one in return, but I never heard from her again.
It's been 6 months since I last heard from her and I miss her terribly. Should I call or visit? What if she shuts the door in my face? I honestly don't know what I did wrong.
By njbaker1 15 years ago :: Friends
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