How to save my marriage from my in-laws, specially from mother-in-law?

Me and my husband has been married for 5 years now. This is a second marriage for both of us and my husband has a son from his previous marriage who was about 3 when we got marrid. His pares used to live with us. And they are really a MONSTER-IN-LAW!! They both are very ruly and domenating. I was always moniterd for every single thing I do in that house. His mom would tell me what to cook for entire family and what I have to eat (leftover) for lunch. If I don't do exactly I was being told there would be big fight coming to me from her. My phone calls were being handled from other room when my paretns woudl call me. And by the way I was not allowed to use a home phone unless it was appoved by mother-in-law or father-in-law and I never had a cell phone. I didn't have any credit cards as I was coming from other country. Neither I ever had any cash to use if I needed. On our very first vacation ( we never had a honeymoon) as my husband is always afraid of his mother. rather than going me, my husband and his son, we had his parents with us, not only tha tthey shared a room with us rahter giving us any privacy at all. My mother-in-law always tried not to give us any privacy so that me amd my husband won't ever be able to come close to each other( as it was an arranged marriage, we needed to know eachother) She even has tried breaking our relations. She wanted his son to get another divorce !! She even got so mad at at me for receiving an incomint call and not giving it to her as she was in the toilet that she made a huge deal out of it and it went so far that my in-laws started yelling at me, and told me to leave the house right away even when I had appologized to her for not giving a call to her as the person never wanted to talk to her, he was my husband's friend and wanted to talk to him. So when my in-laws were kicking me out of the house my husband went out of the house with his 4year old rahter than telling anything his parents and being supportive of me. And I had no where to go as I am from a different country. Anyway, life was miserable at that time for me. In-laws were were absuive but I never knew how to get the right help from out side when husband was not being supportive.But luckily I got to go back to my country for my sister's wedding that's when I told my paretns everything and me and my family decided not to send me back with my husband. I guess that is when my husband realized ( or atleast that is what me and my family thought) what he was doing wrong. As a result he decided to seperate out from his parents and we started living in a seperate house. I thought life would be different without their interruption but I was wrong. She never stopped bothering us. Till today she decided what we have to do, When my step-son has to go to their hosue or with them and all that. And till today they still insult me, use bad language for me, dominate me and my husband is never able to say anythignt o thme and support me. I am always alone when I really need my husband. Which hurts so much ! I ahve always supportive of him through this rough marriage . I could have walked easily but I always have tried to give my best to our relation. I would like if he would be supportive of me. Can any body tell wheter I am expecting wrong things from my husband or he is just using me as a baby sitter and a house keeper?
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