i have a problem with my boyfriend. i don't know what to do.. please help me..

My bf is 44 and i am 27. we've been together for 3 years. the first 6 months it was a disaster for me. he cheated on me many times. but still i stood by him. he says sorry every time i caught him. but he was so sweet, caring, saying i love you everytime..

after 6 months of our relationship the cheating stopped. the person i knew 6 months before has changed too.. i don't know why nor what happened. he was cold, insensitive. we argue everytime. for example, i was hurt because he said something, then i will try to talk to him, but he dont want to talk. he always say tomorrow we will talk. but we dont talk about the problem. then again, another issue will come, without resolving the first one. and so on, and so forth. if i cried & try to talk to him, he always walked out on me. for weeks we don't talk to each other. but when we see each other again, the sweetness & caring comes back again. then after a week or 2 it dies again. why is he doing this? but we're happy when we go out.

the make love part too is not always happening. i mean if he wanted to make love, i am always willing. but when i was the one to ask for it, sometimes hes not in the mood or tired. no intimacy, no passion, no fireworks!

if he's drunk he always say thank you for loving me (like the song of bon jovi). just stay beside me. i don't know what to do... i don't have any idea if he still loves me or not.. or he just wants company. i really want to know where am i standing in his life (i did ask him that question; unfortunately he dont know the answer). so i would know what to do... please help....
By ineedlove 15 years ago :: Dating
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