See below...Boyfriend trouble..

I have been dating my boyfriend for several years and have been living with him for about 3 years. We keep having a similar argument over and over again. We both work and usually have free time only after 7pm. He really loves working on side projects in studio (during said 7-10pm time frame) which he one day hopes to turn into a profit. This usually leaves me alone to take care of most chores, and well.. alone in general. When we do get to spend time together in the evening he does not often want to go out ($ is tight considering said studio work) and he is always in bed by 10pm. I feel neglected as I 'clean up after him' and rarely get any payback time where we can go out and let go. He gets mad at me for complaining about him going to studio all the time and that I get frustrated with him. Things have been unpleasant of late- any suggestions?
By addison23 15 years ago :: Dating
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