Should I break up with my girlfriend?

We've been together for over three years now. When we first together I didn't have a steady job, because I was trying to make it into a very competitive field. She was cool with that and helped to support me (emotionally, not finacially). I eventually got a great job through lots of perseverence and we've been renting a place together for the last year. The first six months were great and she helped with house work etc.. But for the last six months she hasn't been pitching in. It's been about 80/20 when it comes to doing things that need to get done. It also seems that the only things she talks to me about anymore is when she's venting from work. To me it seems like all her friends are getting the fun parts of her and I'm left to clean up both her messes. On the flipside, I tend to overreact sometimes and say what I think unfiltered. We've been progressively fighting more and more over the last few months as well. I still really love her, but am getting pretty tired. Is there still hope for us?
By hmmmm 15 years ago :: Dating
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