Whats wrong with dating only beautiful women?

I am getting substanial criticism from my friends/family for wanting to only date exceptionally beautiful women. I date many women a month, most of whom I never take out more than once. Regardless of how nice, or funny or interesting they may be, I find that without the right looks I am just not attracted to them. Let me say I am not a playboy by any means, and have maintained monogamous relationships for the better part of my adult life. While not strikingly handsome myself, ever since high school I have always managed to date way above my means. So now that I am single again, I have found my expectations are based upon that which I am accustomed to. I am 33 own a serveral nightclubs and lounges and have a constant stream of dates. However I just cant seem to find that 10 I am looking for. It has now been two years since my last serious relationship and my friends and family are urging me to lower my standards claiming I am too shallow in my desires. My question: whats wrong with dating only beautiful women and why should I lower my standards?
By SouthernGentCO 15 years ago :: Dating
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