(Previous Question) My boyfriend says im not sensitive enough. How can I be more sensitive to him?

I've been dating my current boyfriend for 8 months now. Everything was pretty great and exciting at first but as time progressed, as expected, we really began to get to know the little things about each other. We both love each other very much. I know he would do anything in this world for me and vise versa, but he can be quite a handful at times and his attitude can be quite irritating and mean to me.

For the past month or so I have been telling him that I feel like he needs to change his attitude towards me because all he is doing is pushing me away. I say he is mean to me because anyone else (his friends or family) he is nice and forgiving to, but he just easily snaps and gets offended when it comes to me.

For example my boyfriend needed a ride to work one afternoon because he does not have a car and I work in the morning so his best friend was suppose to take him but he accidentally overslept leaving my boyfriend to have to quickly find another way to work in the short amount of time he had left. Keep in mind he is COMPLETELY aggravated by things that don't go right, (so he tells me). So I went to go pick him up from work later that night and he had the chance to call him when he got in the car to see what happened to him that afternoon because he has to keep his phone off at work all day. So he calls him and immediately starts the conversation off with a playful voice asking him what happened calmly and playfully. By the end of the conversation he says its cool but he'll talk to him later because he was with me. I felt hurt because if that was me who accidentally overslept, I would have never heard the end of it. He probably wouldn't even answer my phone calls. I asked him why he felt like it was okay for him to get upset with me more so than his friends and he came up with a messed up answer of.....well because he is my friend and I knew him longer...and other crap instead of a sorry and I understand. So I was completely mad at him because I would never treat him differently from anyone else, if anything I would treat him better.

He is one of those type of people who gets aggravated by little things, stuff that usually goes unnoticed and easily forgiven by others but for some reason he just cant let it go. He also is the type of person who finds it necessary to point out and get upset when someone has made a mistake when CLEARLY the person knows and it can be QUITE annoying. I can be the sweetest person in the world but when it comes to him and the way his attitude can be sometimes it makes me put my guards up and be mean to him and I cant help it. Don't get me wrong, we have great times together outside of his attitude but even during those times he doesn't necessarily show me the attention I would expect from my boyfriend and its bugging me. I keep telling him that this feels like a friendship rather than a relationship sometimes. This is why I cant manage to show him the emotion he wants because I don't get it in return and haven't been for a while. When I tell him that exact reasoning, he starts getting offended and feeling that im putting the blame on him. He keeps saying it takes too because I mentioned earlier, my attitude towards him has been a little less emotional as well epecially when I show him it and he seems annoyed by it so I stopped completely. I keep telling him that I understand that Im asking for something that im not giving myself and that I want to show him that I do love him and want to fall in love with him but I refuse to be nice to someone who isn't always the nicest or most understanding person. But how in the world does he expect me to show him that I love and care about him when he doesn't do that for me?? Am I suppose to really suck it up and give him what he wants just to get what I've been asking for for months?? Is it even worth the fight of trying to change someone just a little!?
By devins88 15 years ago :: Dating
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