Should I let him back into our home after he goes to 30 weeks treatment program for battery?

My husband came home drunk 2 weeks ago on a Tuesday night at 3am! We got into an arguement because he drove home drunk & I had to wrestle the keys from him. He asked for SEX! and I turned him down because he was drunk and had been rude to me earlier in the day. He is not normally a drinker... but drank a lot that night because he was depressed. He now sits in jail awaiting his day in court (no-bond). Aside from obviously not being a good husband that day... he is a great father. Should I fight for full custody of the kids & divorce him? Or keep him out of my house for several months until he has finished treatment? Do I give him any more chances? This is definately the hardest decision of my life.
By ValpoMom33 15 years ago :: Marriage
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