should i stay in touch?

well my x aka babies dad, we've been broken up for 8 years ive moved on with my fiance, my daughters 8 now and my fiance's been here for her since day1 she grew up calling him daddy but her real dad says he don't come around because he doesn't want to disrespect my fiance but how is it disrespect if my fiance wants him to come around and be apart of her life, the only thing my fiance is mad about is that i tried for 8yrs to have my daughter and her real dad to get to no each other but he keeps coming up with excuses every time... but now that he's in prison for murder he's wanting us to keep in touch with him.. should i leave him for dead like he did my daughter?... well what do you think? SHOULD I OR SHOULD I JUST LET MY FIANCE BE DADDY?
By matai 14 years ago :: Bitter Ex
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