Drinking, partying.. How much is to much?

Me and my boyfriend have been together for almost two years. We truly love eachother, we do spend alot of time together, we both work hard. Hes a really really good guy SOBER, sweet, caring, thoughtful, everything a girl wants. I DO not think hes cheating on me, but I find that when he goes out with his guys, he drinks way too much, he doesnt call, doesnt answer his phone, sometimes even turns off his phone. I never know the complete truth 100% of where he was or who he was with. His drinking is a problem, and it leads him to making bad decision most of the time. I realize that my boyfriend does have a drinking problem. Hes older then me, 6 years to be exact and yes I am a party girl I like to go out and have fun on the weekends but the week, I rest, I work and do my things. Him on the other hand, will go out, get drunk, go to the strippers, come home late at night totally drunk. Its not like it happens all the time but enough for me to see a nasty pattern. I find it irresponsable, irrational and totally out of line. I dont get mad at him everytime he goes out, I let some go but sometimes others are just totally unnecessary. When im not around for a night or two, he uses those nights to go out and get drunk, or have people over, and the majority of the time he doesnt even tell me, I will find out later because a little slip of the tongue. I understand all couples need time away, and some time with their friends and I would never try to take that away from a boyfriend. In my case, I moved far away from home, I dont have many of my own friends here, But whenever I need some girl time, take time off to hang out with a friend who traveled the country to come visit me and I want to go out alone, its always such a big deal and he throws it in my face constantly. I dont know what to do, how to react to his actions anymore. How do I deal with situations like that, get mad, let it slide, get even, take time away?? Ive done all those things.. And when it happens im always back at square one.
By ForEva1 15 years ago :: Dating
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