Am I being Selfish, or is my husband being selfish??? All honest feedback is appreciated!!!

My husband just got discharged from the military. I have been working in excess of 100 work weeks for 3 years, at a job I hate. My doc had to put me on anti depressants just so I could stand my job and the upset of my hubby coming and going all the time. He was offered a 6 figure job contracting, I was going to quit one job and go back to school for law part time. Suddenly 2 weeks away from this happening he calls me and says he has decided to go back to school full time, and declined the contracting job. Then he bought himself a new car, and simply stated that I make 6 figures and I can cover bills while he's in school provided I keep both jobs.He then went as far as to tell me that I needed to watch me spending (I was out shopping) so I could cover his car payment, and credit card bills, wich I am now responsible for paying for. He promises to clean the house and take care of "My" dog as much as he can while I'm working and he's in school. He says it will only take him 2 years to finish his dbl major and then I can go back to school.He is well aware of the fact I work 100 hours a week, I'm medicated due to a hostile work enviroment, and have no social life. I almost told him where to go before we got off the phone. I have no idea how to handle this. I told him I was not happy that he made these descisions without my consideration, and he got angry saying I was spoiled and always got things my way. Adding insult to injury was his mother and best friend who in not so many words said that he's been shot at the last 9 years while I've been sitting on my ass in corporate america living the high life and he needs a break! Where is my break?? Am I being selfish???
By beckstar 15 years ago :: Marriage
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