Is it appropriate for my bf to have overnight female guest at his condo?

I have a long distance relationship with my boyfriend. We don't get to meet much, lets say twice a year, and I still haven't met his friends or family after a bit over a year with him. With this I feel insecure and I also get jealousy when he goes out with his female friends 1-1, which is quite often. I try to not get jealous by thinking they're just friend and he's not going to cheat on me even when he's drunk. But then this time he tells me a female friend was coming in town to see her boyfriend but then the boyfriend happened to be out of town so he had to go pick her up. When I asked where she was gonna stay, he said no idea yet. So I asked if she's gonna stay at his condo? I said I wouldn't like that. First of all, I haven't been to his place myself. I was in his town a few times but he said his sister family was there (for 9 months now)so I stayed at hotels. But when I asked him to give her that excuse, he said the sister moved out already so it's ok and he added his friend stayed at his place all the time when they worked together.

Is it really ok for her to stay with him or am I being too jealous and insecure? Thanks.
By MintyD 15 years ago :: Dating
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