I was over my friends house and her brother came in the house extremely drunk

My friend and myself was chillin in her house the other day when her brother came in acting a complete fool. He start to cuss at her and then started to fight her. After the fight broke up he leaves her house and goes downstairs from where she lives and sets the fire alarm off. Now this is her little brother 23 or so, After everything was over she calls her mother who tells her "that she doesn't have time for the madness" and hangs up on her. Maybe 10 or so minutes later the brother comes back and start to ring her bell for like 10 minutes. He was throwing rocks at her window and a whole lot of other things not to mention. While the fight was occuring, she bubbles his eye, after he rung the bell for the awhile she calls the mother .
back and the mother tells her "if she can't handle it call the police. So she did and he got arrested. So the next day, the mother calls her telling her she had no business punching him in the face like that, and that she should have went to jail to. Her mother was really verbally being abuse towards her and not being considerate towards the situation as a whole I believe. Now her mothers talking about shes done my friend because she was fighting her brother and called the police on him. What was she suspose to do let him fight her? Now to top it off, her landlord said because of all the drama, she has to leave and the sad things is she has kids. I know that she won't have a problem finding another apartment but it just sucks that all of that happen to her and her mother is acting that way towards her. And to top it all off, shes been taking care of her little brother since he was 12. What advice should I give my friend, because her feelings are so hurt because her mom is acting that way.
By royalty 15 years ago :: Family (Extended)
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