Is it wrong to go to lunch and the Alamo with a guy you work with, when your boyfriend is 1000 miles away?

My girlfriend travels alot for work and is in San Antonio, TX this week. She is working on a drug study and visits multiple states per month. She has been gone for over a week, and I am really missing her. I called her yesterday during her lunch and we talked for about a minute before she told me that she was eating work with her "site" and would call me later. When she called me a few hours later, she had gotten off work and was at a Musseum looking at art. We talked for a few minutes, and she told me that she had gone to the Alamo as well. When I asked her who she went to the Alamo with, she said her "site". Confused, I asked if all the doctors and patients had just decided to take a field trip to the Alamo. She told me that she had gone to the Alamo with her project coordinator, who is a guy, and immeadiatly started yelling at me about being jealous, and how she didn't tell me that the first time because she was worried how I would react due to my jealousy issues. She then proceeded to tell me that her study coordinator is married, and that I had nothing to worry about, that she has never cheated on me, and never will. She went to lunch with this guy and to the Alamo right after that! I'm pretty sure that's called a "Day Date". She says that I'm the only person in the world that would be upset by this, that it is completely platonic, and she hasn't done anything wrong. It also didn't help my jealousy issues that twice during our argument about this, she mentioned how smart, nice, and perfect at his job he is. Am I being stupid and overly jealous for being upset by this, or is she being shady? I understand going to lunch with the guy, but the side trip to the Alamo seems a little much, as does trying to pass him off as her "site".
By sideB 15 years ago :: Dating
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