There is obviously alot more detail that went into this situation but it was too much to type. Am i crazy?

So here how it goes…

I dated this guy a few years back and to cut a long story short the break up was messy. We were dating for about two and a half years and towards the two year mark he became very distant. Mind you this was my first love and of course he promised me the world…pfft. Anyway, one day he left his myspace signed in on the computer so I had a look around and found that he had been sending private messages to some backpacking girls he had never met doesn't even know where they were from saying when they come to Australia they could come stay with him he would look after them.

I didn't mention it because I had a feeling there was more to come. A few weeks later I found that he had been texting my best friend, how he got her number I don't know. When we were all together they would flirt right in front of me. A week later he broke up with me. A week later he was with my best friend. Which destroyed me.

So now the crazy part, he has a new girlfriend and they have jst reached there 6 month mark. I have this odd compulsion to want to interfere with his new relationship, get revenge and hurt him the way he hurt me.
By Take_MY_Side 15 years ago :: Bitter Ex
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