Really need advice because i feel like im going mad

I contacted here a couple of weeks ago because i was going thro a really bad stituation with my husband because my daughter had a boyfriend and she is 15.
My husband put us thro hell because she had a boyfriend but its settled now.
My problem now is the fact that i have been with my husband for sixteen years and he has never made any effort to spend any time with me or our daughter.
I am now 45 years old and have been with him since i was 28.
He didnt want our daughter but i went away and had her anyway.
He has been a very good provider over the years but not there for me ever or our daughter but he comes home when he feels like it and expects us to talk to him and stuff but he gets annoyed when he starts watching telly so late and we get ignored.
I have loved that so called man for so many years now but he treats me like i dont exhist and everyone and everything is much more important than us.
I live in a council house and i lost everything sixteen years ago when i left my ex husband for him.
Do i have to lose everything again?
I gave my life for my daugher to support her because she had educational problems but she never got the help there.
My husband only came to one or two of the appointments i had to go to over the years.
Im just so confused by all of this so sorry for it all being so muddled .
I just want support and to have someone to talk to so i know im not going mad eh?
Any advice greatly apperciated.
By meggan39 15 years ago :: Marriage
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