My girlfriend Facebook friends are all ex-boyfriends and she keeps looking for others.

We've been together for about 5 years and she's a stay-at-home mom. Seh started using Facebook about a year ago 90% of her 20 or so facebook friends are ex-lovers and ex-boyfriends. She invited me to look at her account but there are quite a few 'glad we caught up yesterday' posts without the previous posts being there... perhaps phone conversations or instant messaging or deleting posts?

I've told her that it makes me uncomfortable and she reassured me that there's nothing to worry about...of course, if there was she would likely say the same thing.

So, should I worry? Even if there's no hidden agenda on her part (cannot speak of the 'friends'), is it wrong of me to feel a little insecure when she's chatting with Ex's all day while I'm at work?
By quinalt 15 years ago :: Bitter Ex
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