My girlfriend lives 3 hrs from me. The day night before her b-day I showed up to surprise her. She was angry.

I decided at the last minute to surprise my girlfriend for her birthday by showing up the night before. I am a single dad and of course had to take my 7 yr old daughter with me on the three hour trip. We arrived with a gift and she was NOT happy at all. She told me that she hated surprises and that she prefered I wasn't there because she was busy over the next few days. She also said that I needed to to give her an hour half or so to clean up before we could come in. She never acknowledged the effort that I made in a positive light at all. I was hurt by all this and basically said if she didn't want us there then we certainly weren't going to stick around for an hour and a half waiting for her to do whatever it was she felt compelled to do. Earler that day she had told me that her family, who live in the area, would be out of town for her birthday and because of that I thought it would be a nice gesture so she wouldn't spend it alone. When I explained that to her she said that she has friends there and that it didn't make sense that I would do this. Needless to say my daughter and I left before she ever let me in and we didn't get back to my house until about 1 in the morning. She never called to make sure we made it back ok and she never thanked us for the gift we left. I wasn't really sure how to take all this. We have been dating about 2 months and for the most part she seems pretty into the relationship. Did I over react or did she? If she did does it say something about how she views the relationship?
By joNBoy 15 years ago :: Dating
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