Who is more right in this stupid, stupid argument? Just curious.... :)

I am staying at my boyfriends parents house with him tonite, and will be leaving tomorrow morning for 14 days without him, during which time i will not be able to see or speak to him at all. SO- his mom has this ANNOYING horrible little yipping, ankle biting chihuahua type thing. Just wanted to explain that first. Anyways, about an hour ago i suggested we go on a walk together just to get out of the house, away from his parents, for some alone time before i leave tomorrow...(he lives out on this long dirt road in the middle of nowhere, enveloped in acres and acres of beautiful woodland filled with gorgeous little ponds and streams..so, I, not being a very romantic person, thought this would be a nice way to spend part of our last night together for a while...so as we're getting ready to walk out the door, he asks if i mind if he brings the yippey-dog. I said that i thought it would be much better if it was just him and I walking together, holding hands, instead of being tangled in a dog leash and tripping over each other...he replied by basically telling me that the dog would be severely depressed if he didnt get to go on the walk with us. i said that he could take the thing for a walk anytime, but this was our last chance for some romantic time alone for quite a while. He continued to try to make me feel bad for not wanting to bring the dog. So finally i said "whatever, just bring the dog if it would make you happier than just walking with me." I said this in a way that would show anyone with half a brain cell that i really did NOT in any way, shape, or form want to bring this dog. Soooo... the dog ended up coming on our tension filled, argumentative walk, which i spent watching him sh*t and tripping over his leash as he yipped at a damn leaf or something. Please let me know what you all think of this at some point tonight so that i can read it before i leave tomorrow! And be honest! Thanks so much! I appreciate it- and yes, by the way, i DO understand that this is the most pathetic, unimportant argument that anyone on planet Earth has EVER had....ever.

By LandN 14 years ago :: Dating
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