DO I end my friendships or keep the love triangle?

My friend of about 7 years is a whore. Seriously, she has a bad reputation in out town. (un)fortunately I'm here friends and ppl try to label me the same, but in that regard we aren't!!! Ok with all that said she got back in contact with an old childhood friend about 2 years ago,2007. When I first met him, they were Friends with Benefits & I was taken. The more we all hung out the more we realized him & I were similar. Same upbringing, friends, and musical likes. After I ended my 3 yr relatonship in 2008. These two were there for me. Octoboer was the first & only time we hooked up in 08. I felt guilty and told my friend and it was water under the bridge. We all still hung out and just continued to build our friendships. Around March of this year he and I became more intimate. From March to about 2 weeks ago (early July) we've been hanging out, meeting families & friends, hooking up, and just having fun/ this FAKE RELATIONSHIP. I call him my fake boyfriend. lol Now keep in mind I told my friend back in June what was going on because I knew she had deep feelings for him and 2 other guys. She told me she was cutting him off and I thought I was going to as well. Obviously I didn't. He has told me he can't choose, he's not ready for a relaitonship, and he still likes the both of us. Its become apparent they've hooked up again, and my emotions are everywhere. I admit I fell/fallen in love with the guy, but I'm aware it could've just been lust. At the end of the day these are two good friends but I'm tired of being in this love triangle. I have never been put through something like this before. DO I end all friendships? or Keep my distance? I love her and I love him. I just want to sleep good for 1 night. Other friends have told me to keep doing what I do because she's such a whore AND you're a grown woman you know what's right and wrong. I've just had enough. When I'm with him everything seems ok, but I know its not. I guess reality is finally hitting. Can I lso get some words of encouragement?
By CrownArcher 15 years ago :: Friends
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