How should parents be with their children - as a friend, as a parent, or as a guide?

I dont know why experts, psycologists nd elders every one find fault in parents if parents pamper them thn every one says because of ur pampering he became like this if parents stay ltle bit strict thn they say you are not caring him. like this situation how parents make their children a capable personality. in old days this problem is never raised it is because on that days parents are parents and children remain children.but nw parents are just servents yes they hve to give all comfrts nd fulfuill all needs wtout saying anythng after wards they kick the parents out and simply says you are not a gud parent is it our culture is it right ? no parents always want their children to be in gud position for tht they sacrifice so many thngs they teach them how to be and how not to be no need of any expert to know hw to grow up a child coz every child is special in their way so we cant apply one rule to all so think of it and post me ur views thanku
By usha 15 years ago :: Parent/Child
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