What to do with bridesmaids...?

I just recently got engaged and how thrilled and happy I am! There are no words to describe it :) In any event, i have a little issue with how to choose my bridesmaid(s). I discussed this with a friend of mine (we used to be best friends) way before I got engaged and we both said we would choose each other as bridesmaids. that was when all was well between us. Our frienship is just not the same anymore. We used to be so close and now, i barely see her - she never comes out with us & always comes up with weird excuses why she can never join us. She hasnt even made the effort to share a relaxed unofficial engagement dinner with my fiance and I!! Every time something good happens to me its like a half hearted"congratualtions" from her - but when something good happens to her she expects the world to stop and make such a scene (which i dont anymore). She always has something to moan about, there is always some drama in her life that is worse than anyone elses and im sick of it. I have been there for her day in and day out for the last 6 years - but when i would like her to celebrate or share an occassion with me - poof she is gone! She phoned me earlier to say "dont worry i wont ruin your (wedding) photos because i will go on diet". Like i really care if she diets and loses weight- she is fine as she is. but thats another ploy for me to say "no, you dont need to lose weight, youl look great as is" - it is all attention grabbing. So she still expects to be my bridesmaid and quite frankly she doesnt deserve it. What on earth do i do??
By Anglo 15 years ago :: Friends
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