Am I just being too sensitive?

I think my husband, 30 years old, is still a child. Sometimes I like when he wants to be youthful, but more often than not-it is just annoying. We have been married for approx 5 years. We have a 14 month daughter. We both work shift work-and we both work some weekends- (I only work part time). Between the two of us and our moms- we don't have to use a sitter or daycare. Since the baby was born, his youthful habits have annoyed me. The fact that he stays up until really early in the morning playing play station, or likes to sleep in late-so that I always wake up with our daughter. The fact that he still wants everything-even though we are on a tight budget since I went part time (he has a 2008 4 door truck, a 2008 3 seater sea doo, just sold his hunting truck- and wants to buy a newer one, will spend approx 3500 dollars on hunting dues, licenses, and clubs this year. But boys will be boys-he was a child when I married him- and you can't change them when you are married. (He also bought me a nice car). But the last several weeks, he has become really inconsiderate... Or at least - I think so. But maybe I am just more sensitive..?? For example- this is just today... - I had to go to work. I have to leave about 815 am. I got up, got dressed, kissed him bye (while he was sleeping). I went in the pantry to get a glass and a blueberry muffin. Well, the baby woke up. Not because I was loud- but because she usually wakes up about 730. I went and told him that she was cryibg, but I didn't have time to get her because I had to leave. He slowly got up- walked through the kitchen- and said, "This is your fault." That was it. Then he walked to her room and I left.
Then later- I found out that a job that I recently turned down was making about 105 K more than I am making (no joke)- but it is full time- and I want to be with my baby as much as possible. So I thought that it was kind of funny- because we are financially strained- and that money would definitely help out. I wanted his response to be, "wow- that is a lot of money, but at least you are home a lot with our baby.". Of course not. His response was completely the opposite. "It is only a day and a half more a week. Do you want me to tell you that you have the better job? You don't...etc). (Even though when the job was offered (a salary wasn't decided upon)- he said that I would be stupid to leave the job I have to go there. -i told him what I was hoping he would say. He said that I was too sensitive- and he hung up on me. So about an hour later- I called him to see if he wanted to meet me for lunch. I got held up at work- and could not go when he was going. But after he brought my little girl to mcdonalds, he came by my work. - I was leaving for lunch by that time. We walked out to our vehicles- and my little girl wanted me. (At this time-we have 2 carseats), but I wanted my husband to let her ride with him. She hates the carseat- and I didn't want to upset her since I have had to work saturday, sunday, and monday (today). I heard him say, "She always rides with me when it is me and you.". But the thing is- we just got a second carseat last week! The carseat stays in my car unless he is keeping her. But on saturday night- we went and ate dinner with his parents- and he picked me up from work. And upon returning to get my car- I left her in the truck for the 7 minute ride home. Anyways- today- I thought we were both going home. But when I was driving off- he flagged me down and told me he was going to run errands instead. No goodbye. -I was on empty- so I pulled next door to get some gas- and I called him. -i told him that I would run errands with him on my lunch. He said he was at the hardware store. I went there about 4 minutes down the road. Went inside. He was trying to walk by me without seeing me, but my little girl was hollering, "ma ma!" So he couldn't. He paid for his dog food- and grabbed my baby- while she was crying. - said, "I will just carry her. I parked beside you.". He said nothing. The cashiers were watching (because the store wasn't busy)- and I was embarrased. He walked quickly to the truck (he never walks quickly). He said that he didn't feel like dealing with this. He strapped her in the carseat and said, "it was a mistake stopping by to see you at work." And then he left.
Now I am back at work. For the last couple of weeks- this is what I have to deal with everyday.
Sidenote: we haven't had sex since last wed (12 days ago) and I know it is important to him. He hasn't tried, though, but - don't think - could anyways because I feel as though he is so hurtful. Am I being overly sensitive?
By horne 14 years ago :: Marriage
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