Dogs and Sex? TOGETHER?

OK- I posted a question on here the other day about my boyfriend taking his moms stupid shitsadoodle dog thing with us on a walk...and some people thought I was being unreasonable....but there is another problem with the dog (Snickers).
So me and my boyfriend, Nick were laying in bed making out when the dog ran up in the bed all wet and started licking his toes...I told him to get it out of the room and he said "Nooo its my baby..." and we had to leave it in the room...although he did push it off the bed.
Halfway thru us having sex... (or about 2 miins. into it...yea...) the dog was under the covers nipping at my legs and ass. I threw it outta the bed. He got upset and ran to it and picked it up and walked outta the room cuddling it and telling it he was sorry. Stupid f*cking dog....
By LandN 15 years ago :: Dating
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