My mother-in-law insist on being in the delivery room when I go into labor... I don't want her there....

My husband and I have made it very clear to both sides of the family that we only want it to be the two of us in the delivery room when I give birth to our son. My family complies with my wishes and respect our decision. They didn't question our reasons and haven't brought up the issue since. However, my husband's family (mostly his mother) seems to think they have every right to be in the room while I am giving birth. I have tried being nice. I have done everything I can to not sound demeaning. I told her, " The two of us have decided together that it would be best if it was just him and I in the room during labor." She still pushes and pushes. This woman has had 3 children of her own. I really don't want my vagina on display for her and everyone else to see. I feel like why should she have to be there for the birth... she wasn't there for the conception... although I'm sure she would've loved an invitation. Well, So here's what the plan is now....

I am having complications with this pregnancy; anemia and diabetes. I am afraid the added stress of her being there will only cause more problems. So we are considering not telling anyone about the birth until afterwards. There is a chance that I will be having a scheduled C-section, but my husband and I think that maybe we will just keep that between the two of us and just go in and have it. And just tell people about it later. At this point, I don't really care about hurting anyone's feelings. They can get over it.
I guess it could've been they way I was raised, but I didn't come from one of those families that does everything together. I'm very independent and enjoy my space. My husband is very aware of that and has no problem respecting those boundaries. I don't understand why she is so damn persistant. I feel like she's trying to 'trump' my experience... This woman is driving me nuts. She also like to call at 1 or 2 in the morning and even 6 or 7 am. I already unplug our phone just so we can get some freaking sleep. My father, who is a psychologist, has told me that he's never met a person, AN ADULT, who has absolutely no boundaries and no respect for people's wishes. He thinks she's totally mental.
By j41d0n 15 years ago :: Family (Extended)
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